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G-CM met with the client to update him on his Skid Row housing application, and remind him to take advantage of the free meals that are offered on Veterans’ Day. I-CM continued to assess client 's mental health and medication compliance. CM has observed and acknowledged to the client that he has been more active and is adjusting to his new surroundings. CM updated the client that his housing application has been completed, submitted, and is now awaiting an agency assignment through CES. CM informed the client about a small cake ceremony that is being held in honor of the Marine Corp birthday on November 10, 2015. CM also advised the client to take advantage of the free meals that were being offered to veterans on Veterans’ Day. CM introduced…show more content…
The client appeared calm and made good eye contact, was cooperative, and open for discussion. The client wore a medical mask because he did not want to get sick, because a lot of people are coughing a lot in the building. The client stated that he was having a “good” day because Veterans’ Day was approaching. The client smiled and acknowledged that he was aware of being more active and productive, because he is starting to trust certain people and likes to volunteer with preparing for lunches. Client was proud to admit that someone tried bullying him, but the client spoke up against him. Client stated that he would not have stood up for himself a month ago, because he would have been too afraid. When asked about his medication compliance, client stated, "I take my medication when I need to". The client displayed passive suicidal thoughts, because he stated, “Everyone thinks about suicide once in their life, what makes me different?”, but denied having the plans, means, and intent of hurting himself. The client became shy when he was introduced to the CM that offers art therapy, and stated that she has a “pretty” voice. The client said he was going to take advantage of the free meals on Veterans’ Day, but was only going to places that were close, because he had to park his car in the parking lot before 6

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