Personal Narrative: My Interview With Warren Windsor

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For my professional interview, I scheduled an appointment to meet with Warren Windsor at the University of West Georgia’s counseling center. I was nervous to talk to someone who has experience as a counselor but I was excited to get to see what someone who is already established in their career would have to say about the work they have chosen. I went into the interview without knowing anything about my interviewee and I assumed I was going to be talking with someone who was working at the counseling center as an intern in the counseling program. I was very surprised by the counselor I met and the story he shared with me. It was immediately apparent to me, when I began my interview, that Mr. Windsor was a very skilled counselor. The office we met in was very comfortable, with a plush loveseat, two single-seated cushioned chairs that sat facing the couch and a desk tucked away on the back wall. The room was softly lit and had a calming atmosphere. I was told to make myself comfortable and sit wherever I would like. I took a seat on the couch and began to inform Warren about the interview and why I was there. Since I had scheduled my meeting through the Counseling Center’s main office he was not aware of what my interview was about, only that I was there to interview …show more content…

Our interview made me realize that there is an end in sight to this journey I have just begun. Speaking with Mr. Windsor reaffirmed a lot of my own beliefs as to why I have chosen to pursue a career in this profession. My last question for Mr. Windsor was what advice he would give a graduate student in the counseling program. He reminded me to keep my boundaries when it comes to stress and anxiety, and later when working with clients. He said as long as someone keeps doing the things they like and enjoy, that are non-work related, that it will be much easier to compartmentalize what we deal with in life and lead us to maintain a healthy

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