Orphan Train Book Report

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Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline 11 Sentence Critique
By sabrina Day

1)Christina Baker Kline 's, the Orphan Train, takes you on a train ride from the 1900’s that brings together two opposites who are living the same past, seventy-four years apart. 2)Orphan Trains captivating plot draws the readers in from the moment the reader starts the first page of the book; the second they find out Vivian believes in ghosts and that everyone who used to be in her life is now gone, leaves them wanting more. 3)As the reader delves deeper into the book they start to learn more about Molly and Vivian 's’ connection with each other, their secrets, and their turbulent pasts that has the reader dumbfounded. 4)Kline surprises the reader and has

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