Orthodox Theism

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The article I chose for the synopsis tries to explain how evil, if any, goes against what we believe of in the existence of God. It is not too hard to argue that evil sometimes comes close to proving there is no all-powerful, all-knowing and all-good God. If there was such a God, why would evil exist? I asked my self that question before and I am sure I am not the only one to ask that. An all-good God would not allow evil to exist right? An all-powerful God would destroy evil without breaking a sweat and all-knowing God would know when evil is present and destroy it. That is what we want to believe and hope everyday that it does turn that way. The article talks about the Orthodox Theism were people believe that there is only one God and that …show more content…

We normally believe that evil is everything bad that happens in the World or any negative events that happen to us or people around us. On the other hand, good is everything opposite to it like positive news and good events, even improving from a negative event is considered good. The article does bring a good point that I agree with and that is that some of what is natural evil is what we bring upon ourselves. It gives an example of lung cancer is brought by ourselves because of heavy smoking, and I agree that is an evil that can be avoided if we just did not smoke. On the other hand, there are evils that we just do not understand why it happens to some of us like for example a mentally challenged baby, I do not understand why a baby that has done nothing wrong has to go through something so hard, as well as the parents. The article goes into having a problem of reconciling belief in God with the existence of evil. I agree and believe this happens to many people. I understand if people take evil to not believe in God. I feel they have a strong point on why not to believe in God but that does not mean I follow their footsteps. Believing in God has been part of my life since I was little and even though there are circumstances where it makes me think deep into it, it has not come to the point where I stop believing in God. The article mentions that theists commonly accept that God

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