Understanding The Four Tenets Of Osteopathic Medicine

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I was initially exposed to the field of osteopathy at the end of eighth grade when I visited the Queens Hospital for appearance of skin rashes. Unlike other physicians, I had seen previously regarding this condition, the osteopathic physician treating me at the moment did not dismiss me with just another ointment. Instead the physician took a detailed history and tried to investigate the underlying causes of the rash, not just my symptoms. Due to the physician’s reconnaissance nature, I was able to receive a correct diagnosis. Even though the rashes turned out to be from bed bugs’ bites, the physician’s approaches to medicine inspired and motivated me to further research the field of osteopathic medicine.
During my sophomore year of high school, I begin to understand one of the four tenets of osteopathic medicine, which describes each individual as a unit composed of mind, body, and spirit. One of my uncles was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. As the illness progressed I noticed that the illness affected more than his kidney. It affected his emotional and mental states as well. The physicians treating him at the time only focused on his physical health. They failed to notice that his health conditions were exacerbated due to his emotional health. Upon noticing the interconnectedness of those three …show more content…

I believe each patient should be treated individually regardless of how similar the symptoms are, and in order to do so a physician needs to understand both the science behind physiology and the behaviors. As I progressed through my academic journey, I shadowed numerous osteopathic specialists, such as Dr. Zinaida Pelkey, Dr. Celia Liang and Dr. Syed Qadri. Observing these physicians utilize the interdependencies of the body’s systems to formulate a comprehensive treatment further fueled my inquisition and enthusiasm about becoming an osteopathic

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