Osteopathic Personal Statement

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It is difficult to describe my entire experience with osteopathic medicine, as it has played a large part in who I am. Throughout my life, I have lived and participated in the osteopathic community. From physician father to physician friends or from my own personal family doctor, I have been exposed to the osteopathic physician. I have spent time in an osteopathic clinic. I have worked with the disabled. Even though, I have volunteered for many individuals and organizations, one of my most memorable activity was as a young girl, supporting the elderly in an assisted living home. I adopted the elderly and spent hours encouraging them. My exposure goes back to my childhood.
My personal physician is a rural osteopathic physician from KYCOM. . She is a rural osteopath and practices internal medicine. As a patient, she offers me a wonderful perspective to the field of osteopathic medicine. I have experience her, patient centered and whole body approach. I emphatically believe that a person is defined within their body, mind, spirit and that health and healing are interrelated by its function. …show more content…

I have shadowed him intermittently and have worked in his office over many years of my life. It would be difficult to say in the quantity of hours, but over one hundred would be safe. I have friends that are osteopathic students and residents. Our region only trains osteopathic physicians. I have lived in an osteopathic home. Really, I have lived within an osteopathic community, my whole life. I have seen good humanistic and high quality, evidence based medicine delivered within our region. I have been treated with manipulative medicine. These are but a few of my osteopathic

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