Bernadette Starzee Osteopathic Medicine Quotes

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Summary sentence 1: In the first paragraph of the article by Bernadette Starzee he discusses a bit of information about an osteopathic doctor, Sheldon Yao. He talks about how Yao got into osteopathic medicine.
Summary sentence 2: The second paragraph goes more into detail with numbers, how many DO’s compared to MD doctors there are and the differences between the two.
Summary sentence 3: In the third paragraph Starzee starts talking about another doctor, Gillar, who talks about what exactly an osteopathic doctor does and what they focus on. Gillar also talks about the rising number in osteopathic doctors and possible reasoning.
Summary sentence 4: In this paragraph the author brings in another doctor, Jason M. Golbin who talks about what he specializes in and how he does his …show more content…

Summary sentence 7: In the final paragraph of the article, it mainly talks about how osteopathy is becoming more serious and how they are coming into New York faster and stronger. Before reading this essay I had many thoughts on osteopathy. After graduating from Concord University I plan to attend to the Osteopathic School of Medicine in Lewisburg West Virginia. I was very curious about how patients perceive osteopathic doctors because they have different initials than actual Doctors. The article opened my eyes to how DO doctors are treated compared to MD doctors. I do not think there is really much of a difference. I believe that an osteopathic doctor is just as good if not better than a regular doctor. An osteopathic doctor focuses more on the patients. They focus on why the patients are hurting and they pay more attention to how they can fix it without using medicine or surgery. I think that paying attention to the patient means a lot and it can help the patient even more in the long

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