Osteoporosis: Bone Disease

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Bone Disease (Osteoporosis) Research Diseases are what I consider the number one enemy of humanity due to so many that exists in the world. Each one of them affecting specific part of the human body, others affecting multiple parts, some serious and some are not that serious. As in the case of osteoporosis that is a disease that affects the bones. This disease is more common in the spine, the hip, and the wrist. Holistic medicine is considered as a change in the lifestyle, diet and exercise. The purpose of the study was to find out what is the effect of milk, vegetables and fruits in the total body mineral content in boys and girls while they are growing up. The results indicated that there is a significant effect of fruits, vegetables, and …show more content…

When they are over 50 their body changes completely, their bones get weaker rapidly as become older. Women have to do their density measured when they are age of 65 years old and men when they are age of 70. People who have diabetes or have a fracture need to do the density measured of age of 45. People who are thin and tall have a risk to develop the disease because being thin have a big risk to have a fracture. And tall you can lose bone depending of their weight. Furthermore, people may be at risk of developing the illness on its descent or if they have any fracture in their lifetime. Also being female is another risk of osteoporosis because when they have the menopause, women tempt to lose bone. As a woman, I feel that society has to be more aware of osteoporosis because as said before, this can turn to a really serious condition especially for …show more content…

Such as, calcium and vitamin D. Calcium and vitamin D are a good combination for the bones. These vitamins prevent bones fracture or pain. People need to take at least 1000mg per day of calcium and vitamin D 600IU. If the person is more than 50 years old have to take 1200mg of calcium. People lose calcium in the urine and sweat. In addition, people also can have calcium and vitamin D from the fruits and vegetables. For example, white beans, salmon, yogurt, and fat free milk. But they need to be careful of some fruits and vegetables that contained acid, because acidity can cause broken bones. Also, exercise play a big role to prevent osteoporosis as aerobic and strength training. Those exercise help the bone and muscle. People can exercise for 30 minutes or more at day. Last, the medication to treat prostate cancer also produce lose bones and increase the risk of osteoporosis. For those people who have osteoporosis they need to know what kind of exercise to do, because if the person have a fracture in the spinal it can be harmful. The person needs to talk with the doctor about what kind of exercise they can do. Such as physical therapy and rehabilitation in other to not get another fracture. People with osteoporosis can prevent fall with doing Tai chi. Tai chi help to maintain the valance and do not

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