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Hurting your body is something that can happen to everyone. Due the fact that your body can not be always healthy, this shows that this career something that it will always be needed; Tons of years can pass by and there would be someone who will need the help of a Physical Therapist. There is a variety of reasons why people go with a physical therapist.” The owner of, says that the common reasons why people visit a physical Therapist is because a stroke” or fracture.

A stroke is when you are without oxygen and blood for more than 2 minutes, if it more than that, your brain cells start to banish and that 's when a stroke occurs. There is two types of strokes, ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic. “Acording to a sichemic stoke is similar to a heart attack, except it only occurs in the blood vessels og the brain”. The main difference is that the hemorrhagic is the lose of blood and a ischemic is the increase. A stroke mainly happens to older person. As stated by the association “American Heart Associations” one in six persons …show more content…

Most of the human bones are strong and can stand pressure; however there is times when it can 't and that leads to a fracture( A fracture is when you do something harsh to your body and you end up breaking a bone. “A percentage of bone fractures occurs because of high force impact or stress”( There is a variety of categories for fractures but according to WebMD Medical Reference, the main are complete, incomplete, compound and simple. A complete one is when you break a part of you bone completely, an incomplete is when you just dont break it 110%, a compound is when you break that bone and the connection of the other bone, and lastly, simple, is when you just break that bone. Bones are always are gonna break and there would always be a physical therapist to help your to regain your

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