Overcoming Adversity: Nando Parrado's Success

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Adversity is bad luck, hardships, challenges, problems or essentially, anything that can go wrong. People face adversity every day and the way that you overcome it is up to you. Adversity could simply be a small argument or can be as big as a fire or a disability of some sort. Some people face these problems by turning away or giving up and just leaving it but other people will fight it and do almost anything to get rid of the problem. An example of this is Nando Parrado when he and 44 other people crashed on the Andes Mountains and Nando, with the help of his friend Roberto, walked out of the Andes to get help and save the remaining survivors.

Nando Parrado and 44 other passengers were on a flight to play a rugby game when the pilot and co-pilot …show more content…

How was he able to keep his hope for rescue and keep on going? Most people would have given up but he didn't and all the survivors thank him for that. He said that he was able to keep going for a couple of reasons. One was because he realised that his dad had just lost his whole family and he wanted to tell his dad that he was okay. Another reason was that he was brought up to be very pragmatic to where if he had a problem, he was to just leave it behind him and stay positive. He also knew that rescue was never coming and had decided that if he was going to die, he wanted to die trying to escape.
After everyone was safe and back with their families, Nando went on to become a famous race car driver and eventually a motivational speaker to many people. He had married a woman named Veronique and they had two children, Veronica and Cecilia. Everyone loved his speeches and said that maybe he should write a book but he said that it was his was his wife who encouraged him to write. Over the years, Nando went back up to the crash site to visit his mother and sister graves. His dad tries to go there at least once every year and visit the graves as

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