Palm Drive-Personal Narrative

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I anxiously sat in my dad’s 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe peering out the slightly grey tinted window pondering over the upcoming events. When I felt the car turn from Mitchell Lane to Palm Drive, my heart skipped a beat resulting in the notice of my father, Kenneth Northpointe. “Son, don’t worry. I know this a big step in your life, but don’t worry, everything will turn out alright,” my dad said inspirationally. “Thanks dad,” I gratefully said. My dad always knew how to put me at ease with his words and sure enough I actually felt better. After a couple of minutes of passing an innumerable amount of palm trees, which may I add were perfectly centered in a line, we neared the campus and for the first time since we started the road trip, I felt …show more content…

“What are you waiting for” he said as he developed a glare at me. “Yeah I was just abo…” I tried to explain. “DUDE WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?” he erupted. I then proceeded to leave hoping no one heard the unpleasant interaction that had just taken place. I looked back the other seats not wanting a similar predicament to take be realized. That was when Alvin and the rest of my roommates came in. My roommates saw me and guided me to a semi vacant seating area all except Alvin who sat next to the guy who I deduced forgot to take his anger medication for the last month. “We will be starting our service now” the announcer from before said “Without further adieu welcome the president of the Stanford University, John L. Hennessy,” After the presentation we walked back Cool Cafe (a restaurant on the campus) talking about the orientation. When inside we talked more about ourselves and what we did to celebrate our college acceptance to the campus. I look across the cafe and saw the blackboard cafe menu. On the top brim of the board it read “Welcome”. This sparked my mind as symbolism and closing my eyes for a second I said under my breath “Welcome to

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