Pancho Villa's Early Life

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Pancho Villa

Written By: Gaby Espinoza - Vega

Early Life The revolutionary figure by the name of Pancho Villa was brought to the world on June 5, 1878. Villa was originally named ‘José Doroteo Arango Arámbula’. He was born in the city of San Juan del Rio in Durango, Mexico to father, Agustin Arango and mother, Micaela Arámbula. He had four other siblings, three brothers and one sister with him being the oldest. He was a working man in the “Arango” household ever since he was young due to his father passing away. One day while coming home from work, Doroteo found his mother and the hacienda owner arguing with one another. The owner had harassed Doroteo’s sister so Doroteo shot him in the foot. He then …show more content…

De la Huerta negotiated with Villa and he became convinced to retired. After the events of the Mexican Revolution had occurred, Villa was given a ranch in Parral, Chihuahua (today known as Hidalgo de Parral) in order to retire and live his final years in peace. On July 1923, Villa went to the town of Parral to complete some errands and took some companions in his 1919 Dodge Roadster. Villa didn’t really leave his ranch; however when he did, 50 of his bodyguards would accompany him but this time, only two bodyguards went with him. Along with them also went an assistant and an …show more content…

He had taken the Mexican Revolution to the US. He assaulted Columbus, New Mexico in order to rob ammunition and banks. The US soldiers tried to track down Pancho Villa but ultimately failed.
Villa named his men “Dorados” which translates to “The Golden Ones”.
When Villa had his foot trampled on in an excavation misfortune, he sold his rifle and house in order to afford a doctor to aid his foot.

Legacy Pancho Villa had impacted Mexico greatly. His revolutionary ideas and his beliefs in public education and free-spirited, political beliefs were and still are an outstanding phenomenon.

“No soy un hombre educado. Nunca tuve la oportunidad de aprender nada excepto cómo pelear.”
“Cuando fuí gobernador de Chihuahua, en el primer mes de gobierno se construyeron cerca de 50 escuelas. Yo no fuí a una, pero sabía cual es la importancia de la educación para salir adelante.”
“El país debe ser gobernado por alguien que realmente quiera a su gente y a su tierra que comparta la riqueza y el progreso. ¡ Yo tengo todo eso... ! Solo que soy ignorante.”


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