Panel Design In Persepolis

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Effects on the Memoir Persepolis Marjane Satrapi’s novel Persepolis describes experiences during the Islamic Regime that leave people suffering, dying, and fighting for a better government. Marjane Satrapi uses a comic layout to illustrate what is difficult to say in words. Her panel design depicts images of her, her family, and friends as well as how people in the community are reacting to the different events of the revolution. The use of panel design assists the memoir by making Satrapi’s purpose of portraying information more successful. Throughout the novel Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi uses panel design to advance the reader 's’ knowledge of the many situations occurring in Iran that cause distress to many individuals rebelling against the regime. One way she uses panel design to make her novel successful is the absence of color. Satrapi’s use of comic panels makes the reader read and understand the memoir in a new and different way. The panel design is only black and white but the images depict the different colors of the revolution that are more clearly understood. …show more content…

Understanding Satrapi’s panels continue to have less written script as the book progresses because she had trained the reader to understand her different techniques and what she means. Panel design advances the successfulness of the story by saying what the words cannot. The story is successful by the ending of the novel because she says the war is over and how she plans to cars on her family 's legacy and make them proud. The book ends with a positive connotation of her leaving to France to live a better live and through panel design we are able to see her grow up into a more independent and strong-willed person ready to stand up for what she believes

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