Panera Bread Observation

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Introduction The observation took place in Panera Bread on October 7, 2015. It lasted one hour, and went from 5:15 PM to 6:15 PM. Five adolescents were observed, within the confines of 3 separate social bubbles. My focus was divided between on a group of 3 white females, aged around 18-19, one black male, aged 17-19, and one white white female, aged 12-13. Due to the nature of the business, the environment was mainly composed of two forms of interaction, one being within the distinct groups that came in, the other being between a group and the employee’s of the business. There was also a small amount of exchanges between groups, but this form of interaction was minimal. Despite the public nature of the environment, the clear cut boundaries …show more content…

Positive communication was witnessed in the form of the two young girls that were happy to see one another, but it also appeared in a more negative light, such as the manager yelling at the employee. Noticeable in the interactions was the varying degrees of eye contact. The satisfying interactions seemed to contain more eye contact, apparent between the two girls, as well as when the studying group would communicate, and when the older woman asked for the chair. When the manager scolded the employee, the employee continued to face forward at the food station in front of him, while the manager spoke to his back. The employee maintained a slumped, dejected looking posture, while continuing to work. The paternal protection of the father with his daughter was evident as he held her close to him, placing his hands on her shoulders. Reflection The observations at the Panera Bread exemplified some of the major aspects of the adolescent experience. The employee’s struggles, while maintain his efforts to be successful, was intriguing when looked at as a failure that can be utilized to gain experience and knowledge. The practical application of the psychological concepts demonstrated the continuously evolving duties of the adolescent. The apparent disparity in responsibilities was evident with the different age groups, and showed the vast differences between people only a few years apart, embodying the chaotic and rapid nature of juvenile

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