Paradox Themes In The Novel 'With Two Face' By Du Maurier

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“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” (Confucius). The story demonstrates how the characters can change when they face conflicts. Through the use of paradox themes, Du Maurier depicts a complexity in the characters of Rebecca.
The strong elements of symbolism throughout the story show the complication of the characters. In the story, the flowers are used as symbolism in this novel. The most important instance of this is the rhododendrons. “These were monsters, rearing to the sky, massed like a battalion, too beautiful I thought, too powerful; they were not like plants at all” (Maurier 51). The rhododendrons symbolize Rebecca. They speak to her overwhelming identity, her striking quality, her affection forever and her excellence. Their unnatural perspective likewise symbolizes her cold-bloodedness and
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The author uses the references and makes allusions from Batman. Maxim belongs in a long line of fictional folks characterized by a dual nature, such as “Two Face” from Batman. Inside such characters, both great and underhandedness are at war, and subdued yearnings are continually rising to the surface. In this way, we contrasted Maxim with Two Face. Both of these gentlemen change forward and backward between two altogether different appearances. Proverb has this limit too, however it's a great deal more unobtrusive. Mr. de Winter himself isn't even mindful of it (The Dark Knight). In conclusion to the comparison of Maxim and “Two Face”, they both at some point had decent lives with no blood on their hands and living a “perfect” life. In some point in their life, some incident happens which makes those characters become something that they are not due to their emotions.
The elements and figurative language in the story make characters that they are and show their true colors. In Rebecca, symbolism, mood, and allusion show the intricacy of the
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