Parasympathetic Nervous System Essay

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My reworded definition
All or none firing
The law that the strength of a neuron/fiber cannot be altered. The neuron either fires or it does not. If the stimulus exceeds the threshold for action potential, the nerve will fire. flushing a toilet is a good example of all or none firing,If you are to flush your toilet, you have to push the lever down all the way. If you do not push hard enough, the toilet will not flush. After the rising potential, you have to wait for the toilet to refill for it to be flushed again(repolarizing).
Muscles release this chemical in order to activate them.
Tom is doing bicep curls with dumbbells. As he lifts the weight, he is releasing acetylcholine to contract the muscle.
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Parasympathetic nervous system
The parasympathetic nervous system is one of three divisions of the nervous system. The parasympathetic system conserves energy as the heart rate is slowed, increases intestinal and gland activity.
John notices that when he is resting, his heart rate is lower than when he is active. This is the parasympathetic nervous system at work it is conserving his energy.
Sympathetic nervous

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