Parent Incarceration Essay

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If it is understood how parental incarceration affects children, adult imprisonment of these children may be preventable in the future. It is expected to observe a change in behavior or psychological health due to the absence of one or both parents. If a change is apparent, it would be useful to know if it was due to the incarceration or other factors. Despite the reason, the goal is to discover exactly how a parental incarceration affects the child’s future and whether or not they face a heightened risk of being incarcerated. Risks for children whose parent(s) had been incarcerated includes: increased delinquency and possible incarceration if it persists, aggression, physical or sexual abuse, depression, antisocial behavior, anxiety, trust …show more content…

The methodology used consisted of numerous surveys and statistics analyzation to provide the research discussed.
Roettger, Will, Fritsch and Burkhead and Pueschel and Moglia have all suggested children of incarcerated parents are more likely to engage in delinquent behavior. Roettger states upon having a father incarcerated, a child is more likely to engage in serious deviance and get arrested. Will states antisocial behavior is one of the most robust predictors and pathway to adult incarceration. Fritsch and Burkhead stated affected children can act out, which includes: hostile behavior, school truancy, substance abuse, running away, and aggressive acts. Pueschel and Moglia state delinquency may be caused by the lack of familial cohesiveness. Lauren and Dallaire, Roettger, Fritsch and Burkhead, Pueschel and Moglia have suggested that children of incarcerated parents are more likely to drop out of school. Lauren and Dallaire state this is likely due to maladjustment, which induces depressive symptoms and poor academic functioning. Roettger states this is most likely due to the father, rather than the mother, being incarcerated. Fritsch and Burkhead state this is most likely due to a connected relationship with

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