Asian-American Police Research Methods And Procedures

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Introduction Chapter three will provide the reader with research methods and procedures that were used to conduct this thesis. The research methods and procedure section will be described in details how the student researcher obtained the data. Research Methods and Procedures The significant aspect of the research process consists of various peer reviewed research journals, published books and web based news articles. All of the sources gathered to compose this thesis were within the last five years, on what prior researchers have done regarding recruiting Asian-American police applicants. The primary search engine that the student researcher utilized was from Google Scholar. The student researcher has found over seventy articles that were …show more content…

The initial phase of this thesis was shaped by research objectives and questions regarding the underrepresentation of Asian-Americans in U.S. law enforcement; challenges of recruiting Asian-Americans; and methods to dispel common barriers among the Asian community. The recommended methods proposed in this thesis are approaches to attract and identify prospective Asian-American police applicants. Relevant findings within the literature indicate the importance of police-community interactions, which could build trusting relationships and emphasize the honorable and exciting aspects of law enforcement. Law enforcement agencies across the U.S. have utilized the philosophy of community policing not only to solve crimes, but also to promote racial diversity in police agencies. The literature addresses several challenges and common barriers faced by police departments when attempting to recruit qualified Asian-American …show more content…

police departments? Results from peer reviewed journals indicate that Asian-American police officers are underrepresented because of two reasons: (1) the hiring and recruitment practices of most American law enforcement agencies; and (2) rapid demographic shifts. The hiring and recruiting practices of most law enforcement agencies in the U.S. has caused the underrepresentation of Asian-American police officers. For instance, research from AllGov (2014) revealed that “Across the state of Philadelphia, that city’s increasingly white police force might be a result of a state-required psychological exam that could be biased against Asian applicants” (p. 1). Another theory for the underrepresentation of Asian-Americans are rapid demographic shifts, where a police force do not mirror the racial and ethnic makeup of their communities (The San Bernardino American,

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