Parking Problems

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The domain of my topic is parking. I have chosen this important issue of parking because I believe a lot of times this issue is not given much importance ignoring the fact that it has huge impacts on the travel behavior of the general public. With the increased issues related to congested road traffic, air pollution and noisy environment, I feel I need to address the root cause of these issues that is the non-availability of parking spaces. I have prepared a lot of research on this issue because I want to talk about this issue from the public’s point of view and want to know why and how it causes problems and how can the traffic related problems like accident, road jam, air pollution can be solved by the availability of parking. Moreover I have discussed this issue with students from various universities like Lahore University of Management Sciences, Bahria University and my own Lahore School of Economics.…show more content…
Even-more the perception of available parking can influence mode choice and economic competitiveness of an area. Communities which are planning for parking are wise to consider its impacts on nearby uses and travel behavior. Wherever possible, parking should be planned to encourage more transit use and support commercial activity and moreover opportunities for shared parking should be pursued.
Parking has a lot of influence on the character, form, function, and flow of our communities. Many places in our region face a shortage of convenient parking close to commercial and recreational areas. Drivers circle the block hoping to catch a break while some move their cars every few hours when in time-restricted areas to avoid a

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