Parting At The Crossroads By Antonia Maaioni

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Short Analysis Paper
In the book, “Parting at the Crossroads: The Development of Health Insurance in Canada and the United States”, Antonia Maioni will examine the healthcare system, more importantly, health insurance plan in Canada, and U.S. Although Canada or the United States of America are neighboring countries, they have developed different forms of health insurance. In this paper, it will compare and contrast the historical methodology of the upbringing of the health insurance services in both Canada and the United States of America. It will further analyze the author’s perspective of divergences, and misidentification, between two different countries.
The history of healthcare insurance in Canada goes back from the 1940’s to 1965’s, …show more content…

The second is neoliberalism, where parties function between state and society. Canada has a universal system of government-financed in the health care system. While, on the other hand, the United States of America has a dual-targeted system, both Medicare and Medicaid. Canada first introduced the universal health care plan in Saskatchewan. Initially, the Liberal federal government rejected the universal health care plan. In Canada, the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) forms the health care coverage known as public medical insurance. In 1966, the CCF pressure, raised in public demand for universal health care coverage. As a result, this increased Liberal concerns that rising CCF-NDP support undermine their voter base. In developing this care, issues of health reforms played a significant role in American politics. In the U.S., President Harry Truman, authorized a universal health care system in …show more content…

She argues, “analysis has emphasized how divergent policy outputs in the two countries reflected the different institutional attributes of their political system” (Maioni, 1997). Although it seems indifferent between the principles of Canadian and American health care systems, there are social reform policies that make them unique. Despite the economic pressures on the provinces and territories, changes in the universal health insurance have influenced and become embedded in the Canadian politics. The social determinants of health such as health insurance play only a small role in alleviating health disparities. As a social determinant of health, it is crucial for our health care system to protect and provide for our citizens. Analyzing the text shows how Maioni is against the American health care insurance as she believes that as a country, having an uninsured health care is not only a health problem but also an economic setback. From this analysis, it shows that the Canadian healthcare system is not an ordinary commodity. All in all, it shows how Canada is given accessible health care, not only comparing it to the U.S. but many other nations worldwide. Canadians believe that all services, goods, and facilities must be available, accessible, and of good quality. The health care system in Canada provides attention to all of its citizens equally, unlike healthcare

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