Social Determinants Of Health (SDOH)

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INTRODUCTION Health is the foremost need of every human being and there are various factors influencing it. Social determinants of health are the emerging topic in present scenario where they have to be considered to ensure good health to everyone. This essay shall focus on this aspect with a detailed description of SDOH in the first section followed by the reasons that exist behind considering income, housing and environment as the major factors. The last section shall deal with real time examples on such factors and their impacts on health conditions. SOCIAL DETERMINANTS OF HEALTH (SDOH) People living in various part of the world have disparities in their health conditions. This indicates that the living conditions of the place in which …show more content…

Health outcomes among people depend upon the resources that people have to live a quality life. The variations with the money distribution and power derive such circumstances and induce inequalities in health at domestic and global levels where they have become unavoidable at present (Vega & Frenz, 2013). It has been stated that income, housing as well as environment are the major categories undermining all the factors of social determinants as mentioned earlier. Individuals, groups and communities are negatively influenced by these factors in their health status. Governments of all nations have undertaken several measures to tackle the risks arising from these conditions (Chapman, 2010). These disparities that exist in all the factors have to be eliminated with suitable control measures. Regulations on health care services and their access has to be made more …show more content…

Health care payments are the ones that push 100 million people every year to enter into poverty line since they are short of financial protection. Sub Saharan countries in Africa can be considered best examples for these conditions (Anyamele, 2011). Wealth becomes a prominent factor for health as evident from the above example. It is revealed that income and health have a correlation where the changes in one affect the other. CONCLUSION Social determinants of health are the living conditions of people that affect their health. These factors may be environment, education, housing, income and others which affect the basic functions, health and well-being. Among all the economic, social and physical factors that are referred to as SDOH, the factors of housing, income and environment are considered to have major impact in affecting the health of people since they are the fundamental requirements for any human being. Housing and environment affects heart and respiratory functions where income levels are reason for infant and maternal

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