Patricia Hearst Kidnapping

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Slide 8 On February 4th, 1974, a kidnapping shocked the nation. Patricia Hearst was a 19 year old girl, the granddaughter of a wealthy man named William Randolph Hearst. William became wealthy as a magnate for the newspaper. On February 4th, a day like no other happened to Patricia. Rebels from the group SLA went to Patricia 's apartment, beat up her fiance, and kidnapped patricia. SLA, the Symbionese Liberation Army’s wanted complete anarchy against the U.S. government. SLA was comprised of many different ethnicities and different ages, all wanting the same thing, to rebel against the corrupt “capitalist state”. SLA kidnapped Patricia in an effort to gain attention from the nation, a wealthy girl living a normal life being kidnapped was something …show more content…

Bundy was Eleanor Cowells child, Eleanor didn’t want Bundy to be known as hers so her parents legally adopted Bundy and Eleanor was said to be his sister. Eleanor eventually found love to Bobby Bundy and they started a life living the middle-class stereotype. Bundy as a child was fascinated by knives around the age of 3. As Bundy was in highschool, he had a talent of intelligence with well kept grades but didn’t have the social life of a normal person. For instance, around this time, Bundy would often peek into others house windows with no intent of stealing, just looking creepily. As life progressed Bundy found a girl from his college, washington university. She would later break up with Bundy leaving him completely heart broken. After graduating with a degree in psychology in 1972, he was presumed killing individuals with the same overall appearance of his college crush. It wasn’t until 1974 that sources reported Bundy undoubtedly killing innocent people. People began coming up missing around the washington and oregon area, this was Bundy’s doing. In 1975 Bundy was pulled over with overwhelming evidence of burglary, he had face masks, crowbars, ropes and handcuffs with him. These items were leading investigators to believe that Bundy was doing much more than burglary. The same year he was arrested for kidnapping Carol DaRonch, Carol was one of the few women who escaped him. He received a sentence of 1 to 15 years in …show more content…

Going by the name of “son of sam” David Berkowitz was a ruthless killer. His early childhood wasn’t the greatest as he was offput by society. His mother died and things got even worse. At the age of 18 David Joined the military. Upon his return he earned a job at a New York post office and found an apartment in Yonkers. Shortly after returning he began his killing. On July 9th, 1976 he shot 2 girls through the window of their car. David killed one of the girls and severely injuring the other, he escaped and began working for his next set of murders. In three months he made a couple attacks. The first was another couple shooting at a beach. Weeks later he shot 2 teenagers walking on the sidewalk. The bringing of the new year left David feeling ready for his next murder. David did his typical car window shooting injuring one at the scene which later killed her. 2 months later he killed a college student walking home. David had just finished killing a couple in a parked car and had left a note to the police, where he stated his name was “Son of Sam”. July was the last of David’s killings. David attacked a couple in a parked car. Just after the scene, a witness saw his car with a parking ticket on it. The day of the shooting, there was only a handful of parking tickets given out, it was narrowed down to David and he was captured. Upon David’s capture he reportedly said “well, you got me”. While in

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