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Why did David Payne kill himself though, leaving behind a note that could be interpreted as guilty? Possibly he was expressing sorrow for getting her pregnant, which led her to the site of her death. It could have also been because – being a drunk – his mental condition was not stable enough to handle the death of his fiancé. He was, however, not present at the time of the murder, as the case file states, so does he have a strong alibi? No, but it can be argued that neither did any of the other suspects. It says he was absent at the time of murder but the time of murder was not stated in the information provided. This leaves a range from Sunday night to Tuesday night. During Monday, David was searching for Maggie with Albert. He could not have killed her then because of the company. During his interview, he was drunk, which would not have been wise of him because intoxication might allow for guilt to be slipped. Had he been clever enough to cause an unsolved murder, he would have thought of this too. The general cluelessness of David makes up for any lack of alibi. …show more content…

Technology has advanced far since then and had the murder occurred today, digital evidence from cellphones and the advanced forensic field would be able to provide a much more thorough examination. The 19th century was also similar to modern day in that people still behaved the same. There is still jealousy and exploitation. There is still lust towards attractive women; there are still underground abortion clinics along with other services. I do believe though that society is in a better place now because of the technological advancement that makes investigation easier and evidence more definite. Although this case is unsolved still, it is an important resource for comparing the forensic development we have made as a

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