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A 15 year-old Norland High School student has been arrested for shooting a rabbi. The rabbi, whose name was Joseph Raskin, was walking to the temple last year when he was shot. Neighbors in the community worked tirelessly along with the police in order to find the rabbi 's killer. Rabbi Joseph was not carrying any money when he walked to the temple. The arrest of teen has brought a sense of relief to the community. Yona Lunger is a member of the Miami-Dade Jewish Community. She is also a member of Shmira Patrol, which is a neighborhood watch group. Yona stated that the arrest of murderer could not come at a better time. She said that Hanukkah is getting ready to start, and she was hoping for a miracle. The murder left the community shaken. …show more content…

They tested DNA samples, examined cell phone records and used a sketch that was drawn by a neighbor in order to find the killer. Miami-Dade prosecutors have not released anymore details about the case. Juan Perez is the director of the Miami-Dade Police Department. He released a statement saying, "Turn yourself in, or we will come get you." The teen, whose name is Charles, was arrested at his home a few days later. Charles is being held at Turner Gillford Correctional Facility. He refused to talk to reporters. Charles 's stepfather, Willis Archibald, has stated that his stepson is innocent. He also stated that they are trying to pin a murder on a teenager who has a lot of issues. This is not the first time Charles has been arrested. In 2012, he was arrested along with another teen for stealing a man 's wallet. Charles is set to appear in court on December 15, 2015. He will likely be charged as an adult. The community will continue to honor Rabbi Joseph. Being falsely accused of murder can be scary. That is why if you are facing murder charges, then you should contact a Miami homicide defense attorney. Hassett & Associates can help you if you need a Fort Lauderdale homicide

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