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MILLERSBURG — Referring to her ex as a psychopath who tried to kill her, a domestic violence victim made an impassioned plea Tuesday afternoon for imposition of a prison sentence for her abuser.
Ronald E. Morgan II, 39, most recently of 359 ½ E. Bowman St., Wooster, previously pleaded not guilty in Holmes County Common Pleas Court to domestic violence. In exchange for his guilty plea, the state agreed to dismiss a related charge of disrupting public services.

The charge is made a fourth-degree felony because Morgan was previously convicted, in 2008, of assault by strangulation. In advocating for Morgan, defense attorney Andy Hyde said, considering Morgan was sentenced to only 40 days in jail, the underlying conviction was not “not as bad as …show more content…

“She was trying to get him out of the house. It came to a head this day and culminated in a physical struggle.”
Since his arrest, Morgan has found work and is attempting to “move on and do better for himself.”
And, while Hyde asked for a lesser sentence, the victim begged with Judge Robert Rinfret to impose a prison term.
“This is not the first time Ronald Morgan did this to me,” she said, saying she 'd been assaulted by him at least half a dozen times 2010, and “the last one, I thought he was going to take my life.”
She said she hesitated to involve law enforcement and “thought I could help him.”Not one to call cops. Thought I could help him.”
Now, she said, “I 'm scared to walk around my farm. I carry a loaded gun on my farm because I don 't know when he 's coming back to get me.”
The only time she felt safe was when he was incarcerated.
“Send him away from here so I can get some peace. Make him pay because he 's never taken responsibility,” she said, adding, “I am tough as hell. I can take a lot. I 'm not violent. Please, judge, put him where he belongs.”
Holmes County Assistant Prosecutor Steve Knowling said he agreed with her request.
“I can 't imagine a better case that calls for imprisonment,”

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