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Paul Tough’s Whatever It Takes focuses on Geoffrey Canada’s program, “The Harlem Children’s Zone”, which aims to take students living in one of the lowest performing districts in New York City and keep them on track for graduation and eventually college. This book shows the various challenges that come with trying to change a system that has built to fail these students. One of the earliest lessons that Canada learns is that in order to make a major difference on these student’s lives, he needs to have a comprehensive approach, which would keep the students on a “conveyor belt” to college. Canada’s approach was different from previous attempts to close the achievement gap because instead of choosing to open his program to all students in New York City and only be able to accept a small percentage of the students that apply, Canada chose to focus on a specific zone in Harlem and commit to fully supporting all of the students that lived in the chosen zone. …show more content…

The importance of parents having an understanding of basic parenting skills is demonstrated by “U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: America’s Children: National Key Indicators of Well-Being 2014” report, which showed the large percentage of children that were born to parents who were not prepared to adequately take care of them and the health issues that can result from this (U.S. Department of Health and Human Service, 2014). Baby College also helps Canada gain the trust of community’s parents, so that when the child gets old enough to enroll in Harlem Children Zone (HZC) programing, the parent’s will already have a relationship with the

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