Paula Deen

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Most of the world has heard some kind of story about Cinderella. Behind each individual is a story and someone could call it their "Cinderella story." It is normal for everyone to make mistakes and find a way to overcome, because no one can go through life without problems. Average people have struggles and a story, but famous people do as well. If someone is famous, most people have heard her story and how she arrived to where she is. Some of the most well-known individuals that are not recognized for their stories such as professional chefs, like Paula Deen. The butter-loving, finger-licking, joke-cracking Paula Deen has not always lead the splendid life she does today, but embodies the true rise to fame with an astonishing behind the scenes story. To begin, Paula Deen was born on January 19, 1947 in Albany, Georgia. Her original name was Paula Ann Hiers. (Gorlinski 1) Her parents were Corrie and Earl Hiers. Paula Deen had one brother named Earl …show more content…

Paula said, " Now I'm done fighting and I'm done hiding." (Moskin 1) Paula did not think life could get any better, but everything changed the day QVC shopping network received her first cookbook. The sold seventy thousand copies in one day and her success was sealed. (Moskin 1) Now at sixty eight years old, Paula Deen is as perky as the head cheerleader she was back in 1965. Paula Deen now has a husband named Michael Groover and she could not be happier spending the rest of her life with him. Today Paula has two restaurants, two television shows, five cookbooks and a line of baking mixes and seasoning. Paula tells the world, "I'd had a run of bad luck and it was one for the records, but been there, done that." Paula Deen went from having nothing to having everything. (Moskin

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