Personal Narrative: My Personal Development Class

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I started off in a different personal development class that I am in now. This for me was very scary making the transition from one class to the other. I felt as if I missed a lot more than one session. I had to introduce myself and give three facts about my life , I was shaking from being so nervous as all eyes were on me. The teacher was very nice and made me feel welcome as the rest of the group did. I felt more relaxed as the class went on. I was in a great mood as I explained to the group that I had just got a promotion to supervisor in my part time job in a café. This was a happy but also stressful occasion as I had a lot more responsibility in work as well as college. As the weeks went by I was feeling more relaxed and looking forward…show more content…
I am a quiet person in these situations as it is but this week especially as I had a lot of things going on outside. As the teacher asked me why I was quiet and he said he saw something happening inside me, I was remembering times I tried to speak and got told to shut up. I got fed up and stopped trying. I also had a lot on my mind. I was afraid to go to class as I was already close to tears. I had got diagnosed with this condition that might enable me to have a child, this tore me in to pieces as I was looking forward to having a family, but after college. The moment she said this I felt my whole life shatter. I understand that she said it’s a possibility that I might it still makes me upset. I felt alone as everyone said that I’m not having one any time soon , this is not what is on my mind as it doesn’t matter if I am not planning a child now or in 5 years I still won’t be able to conceive. There is other physical and mental issues with this condition that made it extremely hard to go to personal development as I did not want to talk about it. I think as hard as it was to go to personal development the group grew so much closer that if anyone broke down and cried we would all be there for each other. I felt safe in this group as we were all here for the same reason, which we want to help other people. I was confused to why the teacher picked the activities until we finished I understood what he was doing and it made complete sense. They were great activities not only to get to know the group but I also learned more about
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