Personal Development Reflection Paper

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I started off in a different personal development class that I am in now. This for me was very scary making the transition from one class to the other. I felt as if I missed a lot more than one session. I had to introduce myself and give three facts about my life , I was shaking from being so nervous as all eyes were on me. The teacher was very nice and made me feel welcome as the rest of the group did. I felt more relaxed as the class went on. I was in a great mood as I explained to the group that I had just got a promotion to supervisor in my part time job in a café. This was a happy but also stressful occasion as I had a lot more responsibility in work as well as college. As the weeks went by I was feeling more relaxed and looking forward to the classes. I felt as if some of the girls were not taking the class seriously though, as the teacher was asking questions they were giving yes and no answers and laughing at one and other as if they were too cool to let their feelings out. I really noticed my maturity in this group, as I am older than the majority and this is my third year out of college and as I had to battle to get here due to being sick, I am taking this year seriously but I do allow room for socializing when I can. I understand that not everyone is ready to open up and that is understandable. I surprised myself when I started going first when the teacher asked us group questions, I was happy with this. In the class especially when we had to make the collage,
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