Personal Narrative: A Day At A Funeral Home

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Today was an interesting day. I knew that we was going to a funeral home to work with some clients that just recently lost their loved one to a tragic murder in the Killeen, Texas area, so I was mentally prepared. When I walked through the glass doors of Grace Christian Center I said hello to everyone that I passed as I made my way back to my seat in the back of the hallway in the Adult Ministry. As soon as I sat down and started going through my e-mail I remembered that I had to write an excuse letter today for some clients. After 20 minutes elapsed Jeff came to me and said that we need to go to the staff meeting which is located in the conference room in the rear of the building. Today’s topic for the staff meeting was attitude. …show more content…

I arrived at 8 am just like I do everyday. When I arrived I notice that the body was already in place inside of the Worship Center. This was something that I was concerned about because I didn’t know if the air conditioner was on or not so I walked over to check. I felt that it was on and I notice that people already started showing up, so I called Jeff to let him know. He didn’t answer his phone and I 'm not going to tell anyone they can 't see their loved one . Luckily the funeral home director told them that they couldn’t come in yet and people did comply. I just didn’t want to be me because I 'm not sure how anyone would react. For some reason at that moment I became really concern with my attire, even though I am wearing exactly what Jeff asked me too. I glanced down at my shoes and when I looked up Jeff was walking through the worship center door and asked me to call James the head usher. I 'm assuming he needs James for the crowd control, so I called him and he was actually just in the bathroom with his other five ushers saying a prayer. When they came out they started seating people and told them that the service was going to be starting soon so they needed to get in their seats. At 10 clock exactly the casket was closed at the service started. The head pastor of the church Pastor Mark wasn’t preset so Jeff took the lead. During the service, I stood in the back and observed the service and spoke to the director about his business. I though the funeral was beautiful. The entire time during the funeral I telling myself that I need to be proud of who and what I am today, because I could easily end up in that casket myself. After the funeral the family put the casket in the hearse and all started to go home. There was no after party or anything like that. The director took the deceased back to the funeral home and cremated her. After the service, Jeff asked me to help the ushers clear the worship center of trash and debre.

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