Personal Narrative: A Place Like A Foster Home

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Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm made me jump as it woke me up. The sound of it couldn’t be more revolting. My mom had layed out my outfit for me last night, like she always does. It was a dress. As always. I put it on, but I couldn’t be more disgusted. Since I absoulutly hated dresses, I went to my closet and way in back - where my parents couldn’t see - I grabbed a pair of dark wash jeans, a flowy, maroon short sleeve shirt, and some black and white converse shoes. I shoved it all in my bag and sat down at my makeup table. I took my long blond hair out of the french braid it had been in. I combed it out quickly and put a tiny bit of makeup on. I left my room, and headed down the grand staircase that lead into the giant kitchen, where my mom was …show more content…

Okay let’s go. We’re going to have to walk through the forest the whole way if we don’t want to get caught. I’ve been planning this for a year now, if you can’t tell. The place we are going is a somewhere anyone without a home can go. Almost like a foster home, but more like a foster town. It will have everything we will need. If we stay clear of telling anyone that we are royals for a while, we shouldn’t get caught. If we only take a few small breaks, we should get there by tomorrow night. ” I talked really fast as we walked out the school. We didn’t have to worry about getting caught ditching school, becuase at our school, on the last day, you get to leave whenever you want. You don’t even have to go to school on the last day if you don’t want to. In our case, that was a life saver. We walked five blocks to the forest, and then walked about a football field length in forest, where we stopped to make a little bit more of a plan. We decided that we would walk for two hours, rest for 15 minutes. At night we would have two, two hour breaks where one of us slept while the other kept watch, kept track of time, and ate there food since we didn’t want to waste time taking another long break to eat. We didn’t need to worry about how and where to get food, because we had our lunches and any snacks that we had packed in our …show more content…

So… I guess… that means we’re… engaged?” He said with a questioning smile. “I guess so.” At that moment we each had a huge smile on our face. It was kind of strage thinking that I was going to marry someone that I had never dated. But then again, I woudn’t have dated the guy I would have had to marry if I was back home. Stop thinking about home Lexi. This is your home now. You gave up your old place for this. You love it here, remember. After we got settled in, and checked out what they had here for us, I asked Jack, “Should we go to the town hall to see about when we should do our wedding?” “Yes. Let’s do it.” Jack sounded so excited about this. I never knew he liked me this much. I thought that he had only ever liked me as friend. A smile started to creep up on face. As we were walking in the town, we saw a place called the wedding place, so we figured we should go there to see about getting married. When we got in, the woman at the front desk greeted us kindly. “Hello there! How can I help you?” “We were wondering if this is the place to go if we are trying to plan a wedding?” “Well your in right place! Come, come, I’ll help you get all

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