Personal Narrative: An Unbleedable Tail

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An Unbleedable Tail On March 18, 2014, I thought I was a goner. Just about a week before that I had went and got my tonsils taken out. That day was just one of those days, nothing was going right. After the surgery the doctor came in and explains that the surgery went well but I did bleed more than most people and instead of cauterizing the holes shut, he had to stitch one. The stitches where already huge problem even before I left the hospital. I could feel something pricking my throat but I could get it out. Once I got home, I tried to eat but that single stitch made it difficult. It felt like a needle back there poking me. I wanted to reach back there and rip it out. You can't even imagine the irritation it caused me. After attempting to eat with no prevail, I went in my room, plopped down on my bed and rested as the doctor ordered. I just wanted that stitch out of there, that way I could feel better again and be back in school with my friends.

Eventually, my week of rest and boredom was almost over. It was Friday and my friend Angel was coming over to stay and help me with the work I had missed. All that week I was tasting blood here and there, and yes we went
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People were starting at us, I had a bloody towel over my shoulder and a bowl of blood full clots and water. No wonder people were looking at me funny. They gave us a room right away and then it happened, I started puking. My mom ran out yelling for a doctor. She didn’t know why I was puking these bloody clot things, it scared her to death. Soon ran in and put an I.V and talking to my mom trying to figure out what was going one. By this time I'm freaking out, shaking and saying "oh gosh!" I thought I was dying. I didn't want to die, I didn't get to go to a dance, get married and have children. I didn't do anything. I was only fourteen. Angel really was an Angel that day she helped me with everything without her, my mom and I wouldn't have made
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