Personal Narrative: Balancing Nursing School

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Balancing nursing school and my entire life can be hectic. I handle my scheduling problem by having a routine and an organizer in my phone. As soon as I get done eating my lunch that’s when I usually study. I go to my local Barnes and Noble to study because I can focus there better than at home. I usually take a break from studying every time my brain can’t retain the thing that I’m studying, so I won’t burn out from studying. After studying in Barnes and Nobles I go home and work out on the treadmill for an hour to release some stress. Then I eat dinner after that I take a break for an hour then go back to studying. After studying for the day I like to walk both my dogs around the neighborhood because I find walking my dogs relaxing and I usually reflect on the day when I walk my dogs. The other thing I do is I usually write a list of the things that I have to do the next day in my organizing app on my phone. Ever since I started doing that I never miss the things that I have to do. The organizer in my phone is organized like this: today, tomorrow, this week, upcoming, and someday. I learned in the …show more content…

I have an early sleeping schedule so that I can stay awake in the morning while I’m studying. When I was in college I use to have a problem with sleep, and it affected my study. That’s when I realized that sleep is important. Since I have to wake up early to pick up my sister-in-law in the morning from her work as a nurse in a nursing home I needed to sleep early so that it won’t affect my day. What I did to handle this problem so it won’t affect sleep is I pick up my sister-in-law when I don’t have a class. Then, I switch with my brother when I have a class; he usually picks her up when I’m at school. This system works for both of us because we both have equal responsibility for picking her up, we both could have days off, and we both could get some

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