Short Speech On Momentum

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Think of your favorite sport and imagine a game where one team was losing (the most recent Super Bowl springs to mind) and managed to overcome a large deficit to take the win. Momentum sparks confidence, so despite being on the losing end, a spark of momentum reinforces the idea that they may be down, but they’re certainly not out. That confidence then carries the team through the rest of the game, and sparks the comeback. We’ve seen it time and time again, and it probably has happened to you personally.
Have you ever felt under the gun as you worked to meet a deadline? You may have felt down, concerned you wouldn’t make it, and then suddenly you gain momentum, sparking your confidence, and carrying you through to finish the project in time. …show more content…

Then suddenly you’re down to the wire and your brain experiences a deluge of stress and information overload. This only causes a drain on your energy, causing you to lose sight of the task at hand.
Enjoy the Ride
It isn’t all fun and games, but take note of where you stumble or your motivation dips- you can then come up with a solution to prevent that from becoming an issue again. You may see a pattern emerge, which allows you to arrange your schedule as required. No matter what your mind tells you, stick to the schedule, because you created it for a reason.
Think of building momentum like you would build your CV to attain a dream job. To get the job you want, you have to develop the skills required to do that job. That motivates you every morning, and every day, and believing that you will achieve this goal provides you with confidence to carry through. That’s momentum. It takes baby steps in the right direction to steer you to success.
When you achieve the success, it doesn’t stop- you’re just at the start of a new journey, one which will bring new challenges. When you reach this point, you will be armed with the confidence required to tackle any obstacles that stand in your

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