Personal Narrative: My Interview With A Nurse Practitioner

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I interviewed a Nurse Practitioner (NP) at a Rediclinic in Pennsylvania. It was a very friendly and professional environment. At the Rediclinic a medical assistance works as receptionist. NP has a private room for practice. It was packed, a guy was waiting for driver license physical examination, a young girl was waiting for a flu shot, and a lot more. The NP was very welcoming and cooperative when she finds out that I am a graduate student at Widener University. She told me the she had a very similar project at school too. She stated Rediclinic is a walk in medical clinic inside selected Rite-Aid stores with a very convenient in house pharmacy, a two-in-one package, plus no appointments are necessary just walk-in. The clinic is operated by …show more content…

She also states that in her settings, one of the most challenging is not having full backgrounds of patients as she is not a primary care provider (PCP) and every patient is pretty much a new case. It takes a lot of efforts to collect and process all the information and despite of that, sometimes a lot of information’s are still missing. PCP’s can review their patient’s history and especially for chronic disease they can have a good idea about the situation. Another challenge as she states is that patients understanding of NP role and what NP can do for them and what cannot. A patient may ask for a prescription which might be way beyond our expertise, I don’t think even PCP would do it. She explained to me how hard it is to find a good job and also it is hard to find a group that would open a position for NPs.

I asked “What issues you find as an advanced practice nurse that are interesting”
When I asked her what is interesting about your job as NP, she states that she is enjoying teaching patients, seeing a wide range of age and type of patients, the patients care and differential diagnosis and also everyday learning something new. We spoke about the working environment and she was very happy about it and how well and convenient it is. Working hours work load were very manageable for her.

I asked “What issues you find as an advanced practice nurse that are

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