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Purpose and Goals Statement The Ohio State University Graduate College of Nursing Christina M Sanchez As a little girl, all of my art projects and writing assignments were full of ambitious promises to cure the sick of all their ailments. Watching my mother care for my ill grandmother, who lived with us when I was young, ignited my passion to help those in need. It then became my fierce determination to make an immediate difference in the quality of life for others. I could not wait to start. I began volunteering as a candy striper at the age of fourteen, rotating through nearly every department in the hospital. From the beginning, I was drawn to the geriatric patients and their families in the adult oncology …show more content…

After spending months preparing patient education programs and petitioning resources and healthcare professionals, I spent a week working in the underdeveloped, impoverished Darien region of Southern Panama. Those enriching days affirmed my strong intent to serve the Hispanic population domestically or internationally during my career. One of the important factors in selecting OSU’s NP program is the opportunity to provide care to Spanish speaking patients through the ISLL program. Either of my desired specialties provides students this professional …show more content…

She suggested it would be a great fit for my professional aspirations. Shadowing her and asking in depth questions to her students in the AGNP program, further affirmed my ability and commitment to compete in the rigorous curriculum. After researching the role of an AGNP and FNP, I learned that now more than ever before, there is a strong reliance on Nurse practitioners for patient care management. For these reasons, I wish to become an Adult Gerontology or Family Nurse Practitioner. I am thankful for my experience as an STNA and Restorative Aide at Darby Glenn in addition to my time at UD. Each has inspired my love for nursing and has influenced me to set new personal and professional goals. I ask for your consideration for admission into your program, which will facilitate my goal of becoming an Adult Gerontology Primary Care or Family Nurse Practitioner. I look forward to not only embarking on this new journey but also joining my mother and brother as a Buckeye

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