Personal Narrative: Becoming A Us Citizen

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Becoming a us citizen of us from the time that I was in high school, I though in getting the citizenship through my mom,but I noticed that she was really scared of applying, so I didn 't bother her and chose to wait the require time to apply by myself after two years of waiting, I stared the process and the fist step was filling the application in Internet, second was taking the on us office and last was taking an oath, after all this steps finally I got my citizenship. When I stared applying with the us citizen office, I was eighteen years old and I was really scared and nervous of the process, But that dint stop me from starting the application. So I decided to fill the application on line with all my information and paying all the fees with my moms credit card, after that I had wait for one month and a half and while that I felt that the waiting time was taking for ever, but when I got the letter it makes me feel better knowing that they received my information and …show more content…

With a simple answer I said yes, the closer that we were getting to his office the nervous that I was. I sit and saw the question and I said in my mind the are really easy and they were after the interview he said congratulation you

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