Personal Narrative-Collapse And Restitution

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My Collapse and Restitution
When people see me walking through the halls of school, or walking down the street they may see me as an underachiever, or even a slacker; if they had seen me last year or the year before perhaps they would have been right. My Freshman and Sophomore year I struggled to pass many of my classes. I had begun to give up on anything school related for the purpose of "enjoying my youth while I still could". Back in November of my Freshman year my Uncle Gary passed away suddenly of a heart attack which made me begin to realize the importance of living a full life and doing what is important to you. To tell the truth, I despise the idea of becoming someone who works in an office for the entirety of their life in a dead …show more content…

I manage to get my work done on time, between sports and hanging out with friends, but I know I am obligated to set time aside to do homework and simply have a bit of alone time. If I do not set aside said time, then my dreams would be nearly unattainable without question and I would not be able to enjoy my life to the fullest, and thus I would live out a depressing, miserable, and mundane life. The intent in what I am trying to say is that everyone deserves a second chance, no matter who you are, where you are, or what you have done. Don't let anyone make fun of you for trying your best because sometimes that is all that anyone can do for themselves. Everyone deserves a “Tabula Rasa” (clean slate) at least once in their lives to make everything suitable for themselves and the important people around them, especially if the only people around him/her are familiar figures. There is no probability that taking your second chance will be effortless, as a matter of fact, in order to gain a second chance you must work for hours on end but it is always worth it in the end. Never tell yourself or anyone else that they can't do something they are dedicated to; anything is possible as long as that person is willing to put their life towards their dream. You can do anything you put

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