Personal Narrative: Dealing With Depression

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I have known and dealt with depression for the majority of my life. My family has a history of depression, and I myself have had to deal with it especially throughout these last few years of my life. I was about 16 years old when I first started suffering and dealing with my own depression. I had so many things going on at the time that I was so unhappy about. I was not doing well in school, my parents’ marriage seemed like it might fall apart at any moment, and I always felt like an outcast. I felt that I never really belonged anywhere. I recall coming home from school and just wanting to go to room in the dark and sleep for the rest of the day. I was miserable in school. I hated my subjects, I was bad at talking to people because I was so …show more content…

Both my mother and stepmother were quite irrational at times and exhibited some unhealthy habits at times that I was exposed to. However, with the right therapist, medication, and family support I was able to get over my depression over time. I can see how some people might have reservations about certain medications and treatments. However, for the most part with the right psychiatrist and appropriate dosage from my own experience it can all be quite helpful. One of the several medications I took over time was Prozac. This medication served to help aid in my fight against depression and anxiety. I felt that this did not impair my personality, or destroy any of my individuality. I can see though how some people might worry that more extreme psychiatric medications could impair a person’s personality or traits. If a person prefers an alternative to medication, then I imagine some forms of therapy might be able to fill in as a decent alternative. For example, if someone is dealing with severe depression then I imagine consistent cognitive behavioral therapy or some other form of talk therapy could be a possibly viable replacement to

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