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Dr. Dre: The perseverance of a great Producer

When I was younger, I always knew I had a talent and passion for music especially in the audio production field of music. I started my career off by enrolling at Full Sail University to obtain my goal and achieve all the skills necessary to follow the dream I love. Focusing on one professional I admire I’ve dived in deep and researched an abundance amount of information, and applied it to lessons that can come toward my own success. The role model I have chosen today is Dr. Dre. The reason I’ve picked Dr. Dre is because throughout his life, he has had some troubles that has waken him up from reality to prove that he is one of the greatest producers in life. I wanted to find out more about him …show more content…

With N.W.A, Death Row Records, Straight Outta Compton, Aftermath, and Beats by Dre, Dr. Dre has set the limits high for himself and others on his team, Dre is on a prophetic rise of N.W.A one of the most dangerous hip-hop groups in the world by far. (Brian, 2015). In addition to Dre’s fame there was some minor bumps in his path that really made him who he is today. Dr. Dre’s very first challenge was faced when it was heard of that Dr. Dre had beaten up on lots of women. His first victim was a lady named Tairrie B, Dre was angry because Tairrie said Dre looked like “a fa***t” when he was with the group ‘World Class Wreckin Cru’ and daring not to invite him to collaborate on her first album. “The Power of a Women” which was released by Easy-E’s label, Dre confronted Tairrie at the 1990 Grammy Awards. (Hayes, 2015) He punched her in the face twice. She says that “he hit me like Tyson, but I took It-I don’t know how.” Another women was Dee Barnes she was a radio host and rapper herself back in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. In 1990 she did an interview with “Pump It Up” with Ice Cube over why he was leaving …show more content…

Dre is seeing problems faced from another angle or standpoint. Sometimes things have to happen in life for you to understand your purpose in life rather your young or old and that’s pretty much what happened with Dre growing up he was young and making the wrong choices. He persevered from those mistakes and learned from them the hard way, but still kept his career going even with all the legal troubles he was facing. I think one thing from all this I want to take away is no matter what happens industry wise or just life wise in general always take a minute and ask yourself is what I’m doing the right choice or move I’m making cause then it prevents something bad from happening or getting you in any troubles that’s not needed. And I also want to take away how courageous and ambitious he is to success he never gave up until he became what he wanted to become out of life and that’s becoming a billionaire, but it took losses and struggles to make it. Yet he still made it

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