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It was a nice sunny day, birds chirping, warm breeze in the air with the fragrance of flowers mixed with fresh cut grass. Out in the county of England.A family of two, a father and a daughter. It was the first week of school for teenage Zoe Jackson. She just turned thirteen, and beginning a new year in a new school. She enmity school because today is a Monday, having to wear a boring uniform everyday, and she expects there be a bunch of bullies in the school because her father is a “nerd.” But Zoe doesn't bother telling her father, Fred, because she knows her father is stressed out being an environmentalist. Having to travel a lot for the business he is working for. Zoe, “But daddy can't I start school next week. This uniform is too big …show more content…

But the store only had extra large because it was the week before school started. I promise after I drop you off to school and finish the meeting I have, I'll go to the store again and ask for a medium size. Now, please get in the limo.” Drives to school in a limousine. Fred kisses Zoe on her cheek and both did their special handshake they do every time, they know they wouldn't see each other until dinner time. The limousine drives off, leaving Zeo face to face to her new massive private school. The school was so enormous that it is approximately five football fields wide and ten in length. She wasn't sure where to go, looking around like a tourist. Hoping someone come to save her. And her wishes were heard; a nice gentleman with a black suit, white shirt and a red striped necktie assisted her. The nice gentleman, “Hey, you look lost. Let me help you, my names …show more content…

and finally the gym. The South building which Zoe and Cody came through was the math and English building. The West building is the science building with addition classes of; computer class, environmental class, and veterinarian class. The East is the social studies(history) building in addition with; art class, band room, and welding room. Each building except the South, has a field in the back. The North building has the football field with bleachers, West building has the soccer field, and East building has a track field. Zoe was shock of how huge the school is, she kept walking straight to the water fountain. And Zoe closed her eyes,as well as to expect the worse embarrassment of her first week of school. However, lucky Cody saved her along with pulling her into his arms. Zoe was flustered to be firmly toward Cody. Feeling his body warmth and his eyes glancing down on her. Her cheeks turned bright red and she stares right into his eyes. But then she backed

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