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At first glance the campus of UNB Saint John doesn’t look like much but once you take the time to explore the campus you discover many things from such a small place. The university it’s self has four main buildings where classes are held, these building surround an open greenery area known to most students as the quad. The buildings surrounding the quad are old and in some ways ancient but share a unique beauty to them. Sir Douglas Hazen Hall and Philp W. Oland Hall are both exteriorly untouched and share that ancient feel to the campus. K.C. Irving Hall and William F. Ganong Hall are connected to each other and both bring a more modern vibe to the campus. Beside the quad is NBCC Saint John Allied Health Centre and Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick …show more content…

Because of the tunnel system the university is also connected to the G. Forbes Elliot Athletics Centre where the basketball, volleyball and soccer team practice. The upper floor of the athletics center holds the security office as well as an exercise section that oversees the main gym off the center. Connected to this building is a 15+ walk way which connects to the Thomas J. Condon Student Centre, the top floor of this building has a student help center as well as the campus radio station and the campus bar known to students as howlers. The main floor holds the student cafeteria and is right beside the compound for SJCC Saint John College which also shares part or the campus grounds with the university. The lower basement area of the student center connects to the two main residence buildings known as Sir James Dunn and Colin B Mackay. The Mackay residence is significantly larger than the Dunn residence and has one more floor than the Dunn residence. Behind the residence are three main parking lots which connect to each other to exit the campus as well as a few smaller extra parking lots that are scattered around. Last but certainly not least is the Jeux Canada Games Stadium, this stadium is home to the Saint John Sea wolves’ football, rugby, and track team and hold more than 200

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