Personal Narrative: Going Outside For Recess

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The dreaded wall it petrifies others makes them not want to go outside for recess or show up to school that day or the next day. I was once one of those kids who were scared to go outside for recess or show up to school the next day numerous times. I was nervous the first day I got sent to the wall I ran away from all the teachers so they couldn't find me at all, but they ended up finding me in the middle of the tubes which sucked. They almost considered detention or sending me down to my mom’s room to tell her what I did which was bad for because that meant a place where I didn't want to go to. First grade was the year I got sent to the wall and ran away. Flashback to first grade my first time I was sent to the dreaded …show more content…

I could feel my mouth start to water as I saw the chicken patties and nuggets in the kitchen. I got what a usual first grader got in his lunch from the cafeteria chicken nuggets. We got back to the classroom and got ready for recess. Once we got outside everything changed from there. Recess started off pretty boring we just ran out there and a bunch of ignorant second graders started yelling at us for no reason. This one second grader started to get on my nerves so I told him to shut up and he told me to make so I went up to him and kicked him in the shin. He ran up and then told on me so I went hiding in the tubes on the playground. It took them a while to find me since I was in such a good hiding spot. Then when they found me I was I knew I was gonna be in big trouble. The teachers put me on the fence for the rest of the recess period. When I got back in the classroom I got right in my seat and started to cry a little but not a lot. I held in the tears like the man I was, but it was very hard to do. I thought I was going to burst like a bubble when I got in there I was really surprised I didn't. The rest of the day went pretty smoothly mostly because I didn't tell anyone what

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