Personal Narrative-Homeless

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“They’re back, Matt,” Doctor Sarah Leslie, CDC’s Chief Medical Examiner spoke through the phone. Retired, Detective Matthew Benson clinched the phone tighter, there was only one reason she would make that claim, a dead body. “How many?” “Two,” she said, “but we both know more will follow.” “Unfortunately,” he agreed. “Anyone we know.” “No, they appear to be homeless. They’re not in the system. Sadly, no one’s looking for them.” “Homeless, that’s different. You’re sure about this, there kills are more centered. It has been four years.” “Absolutely,” Doctor Leslie stated. “These bodies met the same fate as all the others.” “When did you acquire the bodies?” “They were discovered late last night near a condemned warehouse.” …show more content…

Even the people he worked with hadn’t figured out his angle. “At this point,” he conceded, “all I have are theories and a few very astounding eye witness accounts. Frankly, I’d hoped that you’d be able to shed a bit of light on the subject. Lend a direction. I haven’t a clue of what we’re dealing with,” a shrug of his shoulders compliments his lack of understanding. “Whether aliens, angels, or assholes in costumes, in exchange for a second pair of eyes combined with an expert’s opinion, I’m grateful to have you.” He extended his right hand. “Maybe together we can figure this out; reveal one of life’s colossal mysteries. Back to you.” Doctor Leslie smiled, accepted his hand. “One last thing, Detective, do you honestly believe in aliens?” “I don’t have the luxury of pinning murder on myths and legends, Doctor. That said, in regard to the diverse subject matter of things unknown, not just here, but all over the globe, I choose to believe that everyone isn’t a liar. If that’s my choice, then logic demands I keep an open mind. Think about it, whether aliens, angels or Bigfoot, for that matter, if only one of those people are telling the truth, then there’s something out there, hiding in plain sight.” He turned on his heel, but paused at the door. “By the way,

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