Personal Narrative: It's Time For The Pali Pro Team

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days to come. Half an hour passed and finally it was time for the parli pro teams. Parliamentary Procedure was the crown jewel of the Holyoke FCCLA Chapter with an 18 year gold and silver national streak, the pressure was on for Alexandria and her team mates. Nerves going on overdrive Alex and her team entered the stage and took their seats. President Stewart began the trial meeting, looking out over the crowd their minds began to suffer from fixation, struggling to find their words and remember the order of business, tension was high when all of a sudden the room was still. The meeting was over, a brief silence settled the room fallowed by a subtle applause from loved ones in the room.
The advisor, Mrs. Ortner, pulled the team into a side room, not knowing what to expect, Alexandria and the other members of her team unknowingly held their breath, and then it happened, Mrs. Ortner was less than satisfied and the team had a long way …show more content…

Day break and they were at it again, Mrs. Ortner was making her rounds on the bus handing out study material for all competitors for you guessed it, another study session. On the bus, in the airport, on the plain, and on another bus never has a group of high school freshman studied so diligently. After being settled into our hotel and getting a good night’s rest the chapter woke for breakfast only to find hundreds of other students there to compete, this made that nervous tension just a little stronger. The rest of the day was filled with motivational speakers and icebreakers. Night fell and to fill the down time advisors set up a V.I.P. party for qualifying chapters, although the Holyoke chapter qualified they were a little too busy to go, doing what you might ask? You guessed it, studying. The Sr. and Jr. teams studied until the party was dismissed somewhere around 11:00pm then off to sleep for an early

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