Personal Narrative: Lebanon United Methodist Church

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Lebanon United Methodist Church Located in the small, rural town of Neeses, South Carolina, is the quaint little building known as Lebanon United by the members of the church. Consisting mostly of elderly couples, much like my personal church, this church was not too farfetched for me to enjoy. A lot of families fill up the pews on Sunday mornings’; one of those families being my son’s girlfriends. At least I know that my future in-laws are church going! I can personally say that I had never been to any church service other than my own and when my son invited me to join him and the family for service one Sunday, I was of course hesitant. Strange church, strange people, in a strange place, and the only common ground we shared was an eighteen …show more content…

Happiness and laughter was everywhere as the elderly spoke with their grands and the families exchanged words and smiles. After a minute or so of this, people returned to their seat and the room fell quiet. I was astonished at the friendliness and fellowship of this church. It was an amazing thing to someone from the outside looking in.
The pastor broke the silence by making a few announcements about various activities: a dinner at so and so’s house after service, a Krispy Kreme fundraiser for the youth trip, the total offering taken in Sunday school and so on and so forth. Following this was something totally new again. Pastor Neil asked the members to stand and recite the Apostles Creed with him. I’d never heard of the Creed, let alone knew the words to it. So I listened as the voices, young and old, high and low, recited what they believed in and how they interpreted the Holy Bible. They ended with amen and I was surprised. None of what they said contradicted my personal church’s preaching’s. This was a good sign. Two bishops were summoned to the front. After another prayer to bless the offering about to be received, the plates came around and people gave their ten percent and then …show more content…

When I grew up, we were baptized in rivers or someone’s backyard pool. Apparently this baptism was going to take place right here in front of me. I braced myself for something new. The little children were carried to the front and the pastor held one in his arms as he sprinkled water on the head of the smiling child. While doing so, he recited the baptismal vows and the kids never made a peep. It was as if the Lord himself were right there holding the hands of the babies. The same was repeated for the other and the church filled with smiles. The parents of the kids cried as the pastor handed the last kid back. I could not believe how deep the roots of the Lord were in this place. It was like everyone here was fully and solely committed to

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