Personal Narrative: Life In The School Of Danville

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Summer has come to an end, the school year has just started and Professor Steven Currents, a staff member at the Danville University for the last 27 years, is preparing to teach his first lesson. Life in the town of Danville is just as expected in an average size town, many people know each other and have regular jobs. Danville University is the only college in the 3 surrounding counties, which makes it rather large, holding around 16,000 students. Although the town is average size, the University is large.
Professor Currents begins taking attendants when he realizes that 5 of his students enrolled in his class are missing. He goes on with his normal teaching, not thinking much about it. He has had plenty of missing students in the past …show more content…

By the time the police arrived, Roger must have known that something was happening because his room was empty. The police put out a search warrant for him. As the police searched, Professor Currents began to think. He remembered briefly seeing something in Roger’s room when he first met Roger. It was a suitcase. Professor Currents, realizes that Roger was planning on getting out of Danville. He decided to head to the airport. On his way to the airport, he calls the police to let him know where he was headed. When he arrived at the airport, he rushed in and began searching for Roger. He finally saw a man from a distance that looked like it could be Roger, and sure enough it was. However, the man was boarding the plane. Professor Currents began yelling “stop that man!” Roger looked back and saw Professor Currents running towards him. Roger pushed the lady in front of him over and began running running away. Roger, however, was not in the best shape, and quickly ran out of breath and tripped over a chair and busted his head on the floor. Professor Currents got to him and sat on him until the police arrived. When the police got there, they thanked Professor Currents for all that he had done to catch this nasty

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