Essay On Distinguished Young Women's Program

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On the night of my Distinguished Young Women’s program, I realized manipulation is a tremendous obstacle in today’s society. When one is as gullible as I am, it is easy to fall for manipulation. Sometimes people may have psychological issues that are not noticeable until one knows that person better. I have learned to analyze situations more carefully and determine what manipulation is, I learned that people have psychological issues, and gullibility is common among young adults. On February 28, I was preforming in the DYW program at Seminary Attendance Center. I had an unexpected visitor appear. I had recently broken up with Ben, but he decided to come to my program without asking. I did not notice Ben was sitting in the bleachers until later in the program. When I caught a glimpse of Ben, it shocked me that he arrived uninvited. I continued my program, but as time went on, I did not know how to handle the situation. Near the end of the DYW program, the contestants came back out onto the stage for the awards. Before they began …show more content…

Since Ben’s parents were not there, my mother and I followed the ambulance to the hospital. When things began to calm down at the hospital, I sat on the bed with Ben and asked him how he felt. “I miss you, and I want us back together.” said Ben At this moment, I realized he deceived us all, and I began to comprehend that his hypoglycemic attack had been an attempt to capture my attention. “How could I be so gullible?” I thought to myself. I could not believe that Ben would go to such drastic measures to attract attention. I decided that this was definitely the end of our relationship. Since that night, Ben continues to contact me about our relationship. “Margaret, I love you, and I want us back together. I miss you,” Ben pleads. “I care about you, however, I do not think it is a wise idea for us to be in a relationship again,” I constantly reply to

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