Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Moving Here In Hawaii

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I was born in the Philippines and I moved here in Hawaii about eleven years ago, that is when I was only a 12 years old. I still recall the feeling of coming here in Hawaii. I was full of excitement but at the same time feeling more fear, sadness, and anger. I was excited because I never knew I would have the chance to step in the American land. The paper processing about me and my mom immigrating here took so many years, almost ten years to be exact. With those years, my mom did not even tell me that I will be coming here to Hawaii with her and that made me mad. She only told me when we had to do our interviews and medical process. The feeling of leaving my hometown, relatives, friends, classmates, my siblings and my dad hit me so hard. I was miserable for quite a while. I did not want to come here because I did …show more content…

All along I thought she was okay just leaving my siblings and my dad behind. But when she cried, I saw how she got weak on her knees and how she managed to stay strong for leaving them. Coming here in Hawaii was a long flight. Then finally we reached here. As our plane landed, I did not see any high buildings like how we saw in a movie or television shows. On the way home, all I saw was rocks. I was disappointed and just wanted to go back home but I could not really do anything about it Adjusting to a new culture was difficult especially when you don’t know much of the English language. But I did not really mind about it because they said people here were nice. So I enrolled in a school, it was supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life but it was not. At the beginning of school year, I did not have any friends and to make it worse, I got bullied. They bullied me on how I dressed especially my accent. Females even males were picking a fight with me. I wanted to tell my mom but I did not want her to worry. So there I was asking where is the equality they were talking

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