Personal Narrative: My Faith In Government Answers

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I agree with a lot of what rmiddle has to say.

I have faith in the free-markets. I have zero-faith in government solutions. Common core is a great example of a government solution to it 's own inability to provide world class education.

People that aren 't already actively involved in their children 's education obviously don 't care about the quality of education their children recieve. There are many successful people that have demonstrated that they care about all children having the opporunity for a quality education, which is a lot more that a lot of people that send their children to public schools to be babysat and become proxy-wards of the state. These are people who have a sense of entitlement for the status they have. That status that only government can create. Where people come to feel that just because they had a child (or children),
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Now for a personal anectdote (I know, FALLACY!). My mom taught me the three Rs (readin ', ritin ', rithmetic) before I started K. I was always ahead of my peers in almost everything until 6th grade. I started pre algebra. I could do the math. It was easy. I failed because I didn 't take notes and did the math in my head not showing work on tests, and I didn 't do homework (correct answers on math tests were only worth only about ½ a point on tests). Because homework, notes, and showing work were weighted so much just in math, I repeated pre algebra until 10th grade. Always got correct answers on tests. I demonstrated that I could get the right answer without aid (calculaters weren 't allowed until I got into algebra). I demonstrated that I would do the math. Government standards demanded that demonstrating skills isn 't enough to pass a simple math class. So I was held back to repeat something that I found simple because of silly grading metrics. That 's what government standards do. They hold people back. Common core is no exception of this, but only makes it obvious that government standards will only hold
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