Personal Narrative: My Family History Project

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My family history project consists of several stories from my lifetime, my parent’s lifetime, and my grandparent’s lifetime. Through these stories we can learn the impact of the event and how it can apply to our everyday lives. Additionally, this allows us to look back on our family’s lives and start to understand more of our origins. The following stories are events that someone in my family witnessed, whether they are from my parents or me. Each story shows the value of bravery and strength in hard times. The first story is about my mother. When she was younger, in high school, she worked at an ice cream shop in Campbell, California. One day, while she was working at the cash register, a man with a mask approached the cash register, holding my mom at gun point, as he demanded money. Fortunately, the man took the money and left, leaving nobody harmed. This traumatic event had an impact on my mom’s life but she battled through it. Eventually, she went back and worked at the same ice cream shop, without fear. The impact of the story was my mom’s strength during the event, and she showed bravery when she went back to work at the ice cream store, which is something many people would have trouble doing. The second story is something that I witnessed and was a part of. When I was nine years old, I went on a week long, overnight, Christian …show more content…

Through the examples of my mother’s traumatic event or my own scare (it was scarier than it sounds), we can see this common theme. My mother and I are not the only ones in our family who are strong and brave, all of my other family members are as well, there just was not enough time to write of all their wonderful stories. From these stories we can learn of people’s pasts, how they acted, and why they are who they are today. Overall, this family history project has allowed me to search through my family’s history and find out about my

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